Who am I.

I'm Jenny, a french/irish girl with a treasure hunting bug and a passion for imagining and creating homewares from recycled materials.

The Scenes & Stories shop was born in 2017. Creativity, design and sourcing have always been part of my career, as a party planner and event manager, stylist, project and property manager. I have worked and lived in France, London, the Middle East and Ireland. I love meeting people from different places and cultures and finding inspiration in those discoveries. That passion for diversity and eclecticism is what drives me.

I enjoy putting together spaces using vintage furniture and accessories, one of a kind handmade pieces and eclectic finds. Whether that be temporary spaces for events, homes or shops. I believe in seeking out beautiful yet useful items to set the scene to your everyday life and home. Far from mass produced wares, I wish to bring together a collection of timeless, quality items made with love, respect for the maker and care for the future of the world we live in.

My aim is to bring you pieces to set the scene to your life story. All the items in this shop, whether vintage, sourced from artisans or designed and made in house, all have a story to tell. 

What I Do.

Scenes & Stories offers a collection of soulful and eclectic homewares and lifestyle goods. Nestled on the West Coast of Ireland I imagine and design pieces to be create from recycled materials and source vintage treasures and one of a kind handmade items. 

I have come to believe that we must invite items into our lives that serve a purpose, bring us joy and don't clutter our minds. Scenes & Stories aims to aid that by offering quality goods, made to live forever from materials that won't end up in landfill and with timeless design that will make them just as appealing to the next generation. 

Pieces with soul to serve your daily lives and furnish your homes, in a considered way. Items with an origin to celebrate, functional and beautiful. 

I preach buying less but better. Scenes & Stories is a shop, I make a living by selling. This may sound contradictory. But I believe that by buying less and considering our purchases carefully we end up buying items that are more useful and more special to us. Feeling good about a purchase will make you want to talk about it with others, maybe even sharing the love by gifting.

Connecting with like-minded people and sharing ideas is important to be. Don't hesitate to connect!

The Atelier.

Getting up at the crack of dawn to go rummaging for treasures at a market or in the souks of Marrakech is high up on the list of things I love doing.

I find inspiration in those places and in every day life to create pieces from recycled materials. 

Our line of functional items made from antique linen and hemp came to being when I started collecting the abandoned cloth and sheets and wondering how to bring it back into life.

I love reclaimed wood, rusty metal and natural fibers. Materials with texture and tactile quality. With a little imagination and graft these materials can become new items to use and love daily.

I imagine and make items, I also commission artisans to create pieces. I can do so for you, your home or your business. I can style and create a space that is functional, feels welcoming and mixes vintage and handmade furnishings and accessories with soul.

If you'd like me to style your space, source an item of furniture or offer suggestions on how to upcycled and revamp what you already own, send me an email, let's chat!

Jenny, xx