Natural Linen Apron
Natural Linen Apron
Natural Linen Apron
Natural Linen Apron

ASTIN | Unisex Natural Linen Apron, brass hardware

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The ASTIN Natural Linen Apron is handmade from recycled vintage linen. We find antique linen cloth which we re-love to turn into beautiful and functional everyday items.

The ASTIN traditional Linen Aprons are cut from our stash of reclaimed Vintage Metis linen – a blend of linen and cotton in beige.

Metis Linen originates from France and is woven from a mix of linen and cotton and designed to withstand the test of time and repeat washing. Turned into aprons this antique cloth keeps all those qualities and gives beautiful texture and tactile quality to the item. It's the sort of fabric you'll reach out to stroke.


* Brass finish hardware
* Adjustable neck strap, eyelet and clip fastening
* Kitchen Apron
* Cooking apron
* Florist Apron
* Apron for bar and restaurant
* Patch pocket with centre divide


The ASTIN apron is a generous size made to fit women and men alike up to a size XL. On smaller sizes the apron crosses over more at the back.

Full dimensions are:


* Wash at 30C
* Air dry
* Can be ironed or left unironed
* The fabric will soften with time and washes, this is normal and not a defect.

This product is made from authentic vintage linen. It means it is full of texture and has been beautifully aged by time. It can also mean there are some signs of wear to the weave. We check all the linen by hand to insure there are no marks, stains or holes. There may be variations in colour between two items as we use vintage linen.